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JIKKO Premium Master 2 Ginsan stainless steel Japanese Honesuki Kaku (Butcher Knife)




Honesuki Kaku:

Square Shaped?iKanto Style?j: The Honesuki is used to separate meat from the bone. There are two styles of this knife, the Kanto and Kansai styles. This knife is a unique Japanese style knife similar to the western boning knife, but unlike the boning knife the blade is not flexible. This knife is also know as Sabaki.

Ginsanko stainless Steel :

This is a high grade stainless steel. The image of most rust resistant knives is that they have a poor edge compare to knives which are susceptible to rust, however, the characteristic of this metal is that is rust resistant and also has a good edge. This is currently the most popular steel type.
Style : Honesuki (Butcher Knife)
Steel Type : Ginsan steel (Stainless steel)
Blade : Doble-Edged
Blade Length : 5.0" (150mm)
Handle Material : plywood
Bolster Material : Stainless

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Direction for using knife

Japanese knives has thin and delicate blade. You must care the knife properly.
  • Do not wash in the dishwasher or dish dryer.
  • Please keep the knife dry, wipe the knife after use.
  • Do not leave the knife wet overnight.
  • Do not cut any frozen food, it cause the knife chipped.
  • Use the right type of the knife for each task.
  • Store your knife in a cool and dry place.
  • Improper care cause rusting and chipping.
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