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Japanese Knife Materials

Blue Steel [Aoko]:   

Blue Steel is the highest quality steel material produced by our supplier Hitachi Metals. The characteristics of this steel are its high edge retention and durability. Knives made from this material are commonly used in restaurants such as Sushi Restaurants, where there is a need to continuously slice Sashimi, since the steel retains its edge the chefs are able to produce beautifully prepared Sashimi all day long.


White Steel [Shiroko]: 

White Steel is the next highest steel material after Blue Steel and has good edge retention, and is easy to sharpen. At Jikko White Steel is our number 1 recommendation to chefs. For those uncertain which steel type is best, we think you should buy white steel as you should not have any problems.


Japanese Steel [Nihonko]:  

Japanese Steel has been used standard steel type to produce knives in Japan since long ago. We highly recommend this type to first time knife buyers or to those who have not purchased steel knives before. Prices are also quite reasonable.



This is a high grade stainless steel. The image of most rust resistant knives is that they have a poor edge compare to knives which are susceptible to rust, however, the characteristic of this metal is that is rust resistant and also has a good edge. This is currently the most popular steel type.


Molybdenum Steel:

This is the most commonly used steal for rust resistant knives. Since this metal is highly rust resistant we suggest this type to those who do not like their knives rusting.

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