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Japanese knife shop LINKS UMEDA Osaka

LINKS Umeda new shop Open

New shop opened in Umeda (Osaka station) in the center of Osaka city.
The area around Umeda / Osaka is a vibrant center of Osaka with many new buildings. Our new shop is directly connected to Osaka Metro Umeda station,
opened on November 16th 2019 at LINKS UMEDA, Yodobashi Umeda Tower with excellent access. It is also short distance from the Hankyu Umeda and JR Osaka stations, so it is possible to go on the way to Kyoto or Kobe. There are many tourist attractions or sightseeing spots, such as Umeda Sky Building and Grand Front Osaka. If you come to Osaka, please come to visit JIKKO (Japanese knife shop)

You have never seen a grid-like display shelf!!

Customers who pass in front of the store have an absolute presence and charm enough to look up at "WOW!! Amazing" Just looking inside the shop with many beautiful Japanese knives on the entire wall will make you feel like you're at a museum. Many people take photos and the overwhelming beauty attracts many people. And in the shop, you can actually pick up the knife and try it out that you can choose your best knife.

Japanese knife shop LINKS UMEDA Osaka

Access to LINKS UMEDA JIKKO knife shop

It is access in front of the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Umeda station north exit ticket gate.
it is a few minutes walk from JR Osaka station and Hankyu Umeda station, so if you walk towards to Yodobashi Camera, you can see LINKS UMEDA.
JIKKO is on the second floor.
Since it is connected to Yodobashi Camera, please come to Yodobashi Camera as a land mark. There is a bus terminal on the 1F north side that has direct access to major cities and poplar domestic spots. There is also a large parking lot that can park 12000 cars. Purchase over 10.000yen and receive 2 hours od parking service.



1-1 Oofukamachi, Kitaku Osaka-city, Osaka
email: info@jikko.jp

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