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    New shop opened in Umeda (Osaka station)

  • New Shop Osaka Namba

    We opened new shop in Osaka

  • JIKKO Cutlery Japanese Knife Shop

    Jikko was established in 1901 in the Japanese city of Sakai

  • Japanese Knife Showroom

    City of Sakai located in the Osaka prefecture

  • Single Edged Japanse Knives

    Japanese style knife

cna LUXURY (Singapore Channel NewAsia)

JIKKO Cutlery was broadcast on Singapore Channel NewAsia. We are very pleased to have JIKKO Cutlery in the world. ss

JIKKO Osaka Knives | Japanese Knife shop

Jikko was established in 1901 in the Japanese city of Sakai located in the Osaka prefecture.

Sakai is a well know as city where a number of Japan’s top quality knives are produced. ( View More )

JIKKO Japanese Knife Brand Movie

JIKKO Cutlery's Service


We ship international orders by EMS from Japan. To send the knife will take usually a few days. If we have out of stock, we will tell you by a mail. The knife price is included the shipping fee. We don't charge extra for shipping.

Direction for using knife

Do not wash in the dishwasher or dish dryer. Please keep the knife dry, wipe the knife after use. Do not cut any frozen food, it cause the knife chipped. Improper care cause rusting and chipping.

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