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Knife Engraved names

Jikko's craftsmen use only Tagane(chisel) and a hummer to engrave a name on the blade.
He does not need to write anything before engraving.
To engrave a name takes only about 10 seconds. Because it puts in the sense of craftsmen, it becomes a character with special Japanese taste.
Engraving name on the blades makes a knife special and only one knife in the world for you.
There are two ways to engrave your name : engraved by hand by our craftsmen or by laser engraving.

By hand
We prefer engraved name by hand in Japanese Engraving letters has to be less than 3 letters from up to bottom.
If you would like to change your English name to Japanese(Kanji) to engrave on the blade, please contact us.

By laser
Engraved names by laser in English or more than 3 letters in Japanese.
We can engraved your names in English and writhing from left to right.
For more information please contact us.

How to order name engraving

  1. Choose the knife you like. Click "Add to cart" 
  2. On the screen of my cart, as you go to the bottom, there is a blank box.
    Please write the name that you want to engrave on the blade. 

Japanese Knife Engraving name

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