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Payment & Delivery Guide

Payment method: PayPal®

We accept your payment by PayPal® account. You can make your payment through your PayPal® account.


All orders are shipped using EMS. When using PayPal®, we will only ship to confirmed addresses, as listed in the PayPal® Payment Details. The PayPal® address and the address you input into our ordering system MUST MATCH in order for us to be able to ship to you. If they do not match, we will refund your order and ask you to process it again, ensuring that the addresses match.

Delivery methods

We ship international orders by EMS from Japan.To send the knife form Japan will take usually a few days. Until the receipt of the knife, it takes EMS necessary delivery days to your location. If we have out of stock, we will tell you by a mail. The knife price is included the shipping fee. We don't charge extra for shipping.

Track & Trace Service

Basic Delivery fees

The delivery fees will vary depending on the weight of the package. Please refer to the table below.

*The prices in the table do not include insurance fee.

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