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Japanese Knives

Japanese food continues to attract attention in the world today, and tools to prepare such food are also gaining high recognition and attention.
Japanese knives is perhaps more diverse in design, aesthetic style, and materials than any other knife making tradition in the world.


The reason for having such a wide variety of Japanese knives is closely related to the culture of Japanese cuisine.
In Japanese cuisine a strong emphasis is put upon aesthetics pieces.
Since even the simple act of cutting completes a dish such as sashimi, Japanese knives play an essential role with in Japanese cooking and come in a wide range of style.
So each style of knife was invented and developed to efficiently and effectively execute specific task and need.


Some typical styles are Deba, Sashimi and Usuba, with most of them being single bevel. It contributes and supports the tradition of Japanese cuisine, where the appearance of the cut ingredients play a critical role,


Furthermore, since the specific size of a knife is selected depending upon the size of the ingredients, there are variety of sizes as well as different styles of Japanese knives.


There are many choices of handles for Japanese knives as well.
Traditionally these handles are made of wood. Handles for Japanese knives are relatively easy to replace.
There are various types of wood and shapes of handles suitable for your needs.


Sakai knives

Osaka Sakai's knives is a world renowned knives. It has a history of more than 600 years are carefully made one by one.
Japanese Sakai knives have received good reviews from many professional chefs and now it's said most of the knives the Japanese chefs use are from Osaka Sakai.

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