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JIKKO INOX Stainless Steel Japanese Gyuto knife (Chef)




Chef Bocho(Gyuto):
The Guyto is the most common western knife used throughout the world. It can be used to cut meat (boneless), fish (boneless) and vegetable. It is also known as a “French Knife E “Chef Knife E“Bannou Bocho Eas is used as a replacement for a Mitsutoku Bocho.

Molybdenum Steel:
This is the most commonly used steal for rust resistant knives. Since this metal is highly rust resistant we suggest this type to those who do not like their knives rusting.

Style Chef
Steel Type Molybdenum Steel
Blade Doble-Edged 

Blade Length
and Weight

8.2" (210mm,180g)
9.4" (240mm,230g)
10.6" (270mm,255g)
11.8" (300mm,285g)

Handle Material Wood
Bolster Material Stainless
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