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How to sharpen the Japanese knife

Please sharpen your knife when you notice that the knife has lost it edge a bit.


1 Soak or splash the whetstone with water.
2 Put the whetstone on the wet towel and keep it slayable.
3 Hold the back of the blade toward yourself.
Move the blade back and forward to re-sharpen the knife
Apply pressure as you move forward
and remove the pressure as you return the blade to starting position,


You cannot sharpen a knife if pressure is applied both ways


4 Continue on one side until you can feel a rough edge. This is a burr or “Kaeri” Once the burr covers the full blade you have sharpened the knife enough


For double edged knifes do the same for the other side
For single edged knives once the burr covers the full length of the blade,
sharpen the opposite side of the knife roughly 3 times


5 Once you notice the burrs you can use a newspaper.
Roll some newspaper and cut them with your knife 3 times to remove the burrs.


How to hold the knife to sharpen
1 Hold the handle with 3 fingers( middle, ring, pinky fingers)
2 Put your thumb on the bottom of the blade
3 Place your index finger on the back of the blade.
Fix the knife with your thumb, index finger and wrist.
4 Put 3 fingers of the left hand (index, middle and ring fingers) on the blade where you want to sharpen.


Be aware of the pinky finger of the left hand coming down and cut.
Please keep the pinky finger up.

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